Repair of Opel Corsa C, from 2000 to 2005 release.
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
3.1. Coupling
3.2. Mechanical box передч
3.2.1. General information
3.2.2. Gear wheels and lever of gear shifting
3.2.3. Check of level of gearbox oil (F13 transmission)
3.2.4. Removal and installation of the transmission (F13)
3.3. Automatic transmission
3.4. Driving mechanism
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
9. Schemes of electric equipment



3.2.2. Gear wheels and lever of gear shifting

On primary to a shaft of the mechanical transmission 5 or 6 gear wheels of the forward course (5-or a 6-staged box) and one backing are executed. All leading gear wheels of the forward course are in continuous gearing with the corresponding conducted gear wheels. A part of gear wheels is executed for a single whole with shaft, others are established on needle bearings which provide silent rotation of gear wheels. At neutral position of the lever of gear shifting the torque from the leader to the conducted shaft is not transferred.
Gear wheels rotate freely while the lever of switching is in neutral situation. Inclusion of transfers is carried out by movement of the sliding synchronizer coupling therefore the gear wheel rigidly connects to a transmission shaft. For this purpose on everyone the synchronizers are installed to a shaft for the corresponding gear wheels.
That gear wheels entered gearing with each other, the number of their turns has to be balanced. It is reached by means of synchronizers which before gearing of gear wheels adjoin with each other and by friction compare the speed of shaft.
Speed of the first three transfers is less, than the engine speed, speed of the fourth transfer (straight line) same, as at an engine shaft. At the fifth and sixth transfers speed increases in comparison with engine speed. For a backing the additional gear wheel which changes the direction of rotation of a shaft serves. For prevention of a possibility of casual turning on of the reverse gear at advance on the Passat cars the mechanism of switching in which the reverse gear traditionally turns on with preliminary pressing the lever down is installed.
By means of the handle of switching choose the necessary transfer. The handle of switching is connected to the transmission by means of drafts, fork pushers and levers.

Differential and gearbox oil
The differential is connected to the transmission. It is established on two conic bearings between cases of coupling and the transmission. Two epiploons of different diameters condense places of an exit of shaft outside. The leading gear wheel of differential is fixed in the case and connected to gear wheels of shaft of the drive of wheels.
For lubricant of details of mechanical transmissions long-term synthetic oil is provided. Unlike the engine oil in the transmission is practically not spent. If outside on the transmission no, of traces of potek of oil, so its level did not go down. Nevertheless oil level needs to be checked from time to time. In automatic transmissions the level of working liquid can be checked only in the main transfer, level in the transmission should be checked for STOA by means of the special diagnostic unit.

Check and repair
Oil can follow outside because of leakage of consolidations. Check connections in the following places:
– between the transmission and the engine;
– the place of an exit of shaft from the transmission;
– stopper of a bulk opening;
– stopper of a drain opening.
All gear knots of the transmission have very long service life. If the box fails, it needs to be repaired in technical center as qualified specialists by means of the special tool have to make repairs.
If you decided to make repairs independently, then consider that accuracy and very pure workplace are necessary for high-quality repair of the transmission. In addition repair will require the special tool.

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3.2.1. General information
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3.2.3. Check of level of gearbox oil (F13 transmission)